Designer, Developer, and Pillow Fort Architect

A bit about me…

Once I hit 5 years old my father allowed me to play my first video game on my own, Commander Keen, I was hooked immediately. I’d bug my father every chance I could get to play all sorts of games on his computer. Games like DoomWolfenstein 3DBlood Bowl, and MechWarrior 2. Along the way I found myself digging deeper and deeper to figure out the secrets of how video games are made.

I never once changed my mind when I said I wanted to be a Game Designer. I focused on gaining any knowledge I could that brought me one step closer to my dream job.

My journey at Michigan State University and The University of Utah I learned a ton of things like programming, designing, modeling, animating, rigging, agile, team building, and delivering a game on time and in budget.

Soon after that I landed myself a job at EA, and I still push myself to learn and adapt every step of the way. I’ll do anything to increase my abilities and empower those around me.

I’m doing what I love, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.